Curiosities in the Forest. A Misty Morning in the Enchanted Realm [Březina Municipality, Czech Republic]

Some places require specific weather conditions to fully experience their atmosphere. One such location is a fairytale site nestled in the woods of Březina Municipality, Czech Republic. A misty morning provided the perfect ambiance to explore the surroundings of the stream, adorned with quaint watermills and charming decorations.

This enchanting location spans approximately 500 meters across a hilly area within the forest. While the majority of decorations are clustered along the aforementioned stream, some are scattered a bit further, requiring me to take some time to explore and (hopefully) discover them all. I was fortunate to visit the site on a foggy morning, when it resembled a scene from a fairytale.

The highlight of the location is the array of small wooden houses and watermills lining the stream, with some of them even in motion as water flows through.


In addition to these miniature structures, the stream is teeming with other curiosities, including various toys and numerous other objects.

Let’s delve deeper into the area and uncover the hidden curiosities waiting to be discovered there.

The enchantment of this place emanates from its intricate details.

To conclude, let’s take one final look at the natural beauty surrounding this gem.

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