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Another Random Village. Following the Roads of Štědrá [Czech Republic]

Just another unknown village that I would probably never go if not one famous abandoned place situated in the area. Štědrá is a small settlement situated far a away from big cities, and first thing that you can see there after leaving the train are a few old buildings covered with a shade of decay and emptiness surrounding them. However, despite the gloomy impression they create, it is still worth to stay there for a while and explore the area around.

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Following Empty Roads. A Few Sights from Țaul [Moldova]

It had been already some time since Moldova appeared on my bucket list before I finally visited it. Probably the best way to describe this country is as the place which is special because of having nothing special at all, apart from its unique atmosphere. That is why when I went there, I chose the backroads crossing empty fields and leading to remote villages. One of the settlements I visited was Țaul, situated on the north of the country.

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In the Middle of Nowhere. Following the Road through Zbraslav [Czech Republic]

No matter what is the final destination, a trip can bring you to many other sites which are simply too unknown to be chosen for the place to visit but still worth to stop for a while. Zbraslav is a small village in the western part of the Czech Republic that I visited on the way to the church of ghosts, quite famous decaying temple in the area. The thing making this settlement so unforgettable was its remoteness—there was nothing else around apart from forests and fields surrounding a few old buildings lost in the middle of nowhere.

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Following Random Streets. The Undiscovered Side of Baranavichy [Belarus]

I often go to some places having without any special plan to explore them, only because they are on my way to other destinations. Baranavichy, a city in the southwestern part of Belarus, was not an exception—I went there while travelling to other places. Having no plan to explore the area at all, the best ‘plan’ that I found is simply to follow random streets and in this way reaching the side of the town that only locals know.

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Płazów (Poland)

Płazów is situated within Subcarpatian Voivodeship in south-eastern Poland.
In XVII-XVIII century it was a town and, despite never getting significant meaning, it still was vibrant local craft and trade centre. Płazów lost its town privilegies at the end of XVIII century and today it’s a village with population of 480 inhabitants.
If by some reason you come to Płazów, it’s worth to have a look on an abandoned Orthodox church here as well as another, Catholic church, which is still in use and cemetery or just have a walk on the streets of the village where still you can see some old houses.

Plazow - 1

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Lanckorona [Poland]

Lanckorona is a village located 30 kilometres south-west of Kraków in Lesser Poland. It lies on the Skawinka river, among the hills of the Beskids. It is known for the Lanckorona Castle, today in ruins. Apart from the castle, you can also find there well preserved 19th century wooden houses, situated in the centre of the village, which, as well as a beautiful view on the area around from there, makes Lanckorona worth to see place.

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Pleszów [Kraków, Poland]

Pleszów is a former village which currently is a part of Kraków (Poland). The first thing which you see when you are here is a great industrial place—Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks which makes the area around look grey and gloomy.

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