Following Random Streets. The Undiscovered Side of Baranavichy [Belarus]

I often go to some places having without any special plan to explore them, only because they are on my way to other destinations. Baranavichy, a city in the southwestern part of Belarus, was not an exception—I went there while travelling to other places. Having no plan to explore the area at all, the best ‘plan’ that I found is simply to follow random streets and in this way reaching the side of the town that only locals know.

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The Abandoned Slonim Synagogue [Slonim, Belarus]

A white decaying building surrounded by a huge blue fence—that’s what you can find in the centre of Slonim, a town in the northwestern part of Belarus. Its old massive walls suggest that once it was a great place and make it worth crossing a thick jungle of various plants surrounding the site.

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‘Belarusian Maldives’ [Vaukavysk District, Belarus]

The road leading to this place was destroyed. It’s strictly forbidden to enter that area and those who don’t care about the warnings surrounding the site risk to get a fine. All that is done to protect visitors from entering the place which is so beautiful that the will to go there can even kill.

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The Abandoned Saint Trinity Church [Belarus]

Each kilometre of the road leading to Benica, a remote village in Belarus, was worth going in order to reach a stunning abandoned church which was shining in the ordinary rural area like a pearl in a colourless seashell. It was amazing and unbelievable at the same time to see the great temple in the neighbourhood of wooden village houses which remained charming despite being forgotten for years. An old gate in front of the building invited to enter it and have a closer look on the building.

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