Memento Mori. A Decaying Family Chapel [Moldova]

A decaying family chapel on the cemetery in one of the big cities in Moldova appeared to be much more impressive than it seemed to be at first sight. It was definitely worth to enter the old graveyard and follow the track leading to a significantly bitten by time building. 

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The Abandoned Chapel ‘The Little White Temple’ [Czech Republic]

It was the most ruined place I visited during that trip but it had some charm despite its poor condition. Trees growing on the roof as well as bare walls suggested that the building is falling into ruin and old wooden pews significally bitten by time let assume that the place had been abandoned for a long time. Despite that, it was still possible to stuck in this place for a while exploring this little abandoned temple and its overgrown surroundings.

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The Abandoned Saint Barbara’s Chapel [Bukowno, Poland]

I got to know about this chapel by accident while looking for the information about another abandoned site and that was definitely one of my luckiest accidental finds. There are no better words to describe that, as it does not happen too often to find a place like this. An elegant tower of the building turns it into a real pearl of the area where it is located, and its stone walls hide behind quite well preserved and mystically charming interior.

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Abandoned Chapels on the Holy Mountain [Lubawka, Poland]

Nothing more misleading than locals in Lubawka, a small Polish town, saying that you won’t see anything interesting on the Holy Mountain situated nearby when you ask them how to get there. In fact this place is really worth to see if you’re looking for abandoned sacral places, as you can find here a few beautiful abandoned chapels and devastated sculptures of the former Way of the Cross. Despite the fact that the chapels are in a very bad conditions and the sculptures are almost completely destroyed, they all taken together still create a mystical atmosphere on the mountain. You can feel it going up the path, entering the chapels you find on the way and enjoying the silence in their emptiness where only the Saints and an angel look at you from the frescos reminding how great this place was in the past.

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The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus [Vilnius, Lithuania]

The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus is situated in Kalvarijos, a part of Vilnius. Its old walls not painted for years inside make impression as if the chapel was abandoned, and some things stored there can make you think that it’s some kind of warehouse but in fact the chapel is still in use and sometimes is open so everyone can go inside.

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