The Abandoned Church ‘Sv. Segoš’ (Czech Republic)

It was the first abandoned church in the Czech Republic that I got to know about and the one that made me search even for more of them. Not surprising at all, as the beauty of its interior can make you stay inside for ages. Thus it is worth to open its heavy doors and have a closer look on what is hidden behind.

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The Abandoned Church ‘The Hidden Pearl’ (Czech Republic)

The beauty of decaying churches is a never ending story. So engaging one, that the will to read its next chapter can make you go a long way, no matter how many kilometres it counts. This time the mentioned story takes us to an ordinary village in the Czech Republic, hiding, in contrast, an abandoned church which is so spectacular, that even the ones in use can be jealous of its beauty.

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The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church ‘The Dark Temple’ (Poland)

That is just another decaying Greek Catholic church in Southeastern Poland. However, situated in an idyllic Subcarpathian village landscape, it makes the area around even more beautiful and forces to stop for a while to have a look on the great old building. Its grey wooden walls are the witness of the life in the village since more than a century and hide behind an impressive interior.

The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church ‘The Dark Temple’ (Poland) - 1.jpg

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The Abandoned Greek Catholic Church (Babice, Poland)

A decaying wooden church and belfry, gloomy even despite the snow surrounding them. That is a sad image of the abandoned Greek Catholic Dormition of the Mother of God church in Babice, a village in Southeastern Poland. Once beautiful temple, today significally bitten by time and little by little getting closer to the ground. Situated on a hill so steep that simply seeing it is enough to become discouraged from climbing up lose any hope to find easier way to reach the top.

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An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church (Poland)

Not each abandoned site sticks in the mind for so long as this decaying church. Seeing this temple on the photos was more than enough to decide to find it, even despite knowing nothing at all about the place. Thus there was no other way than start some research based on very general and not fully warranted assumptions. Luckily the mentioned guesses appeared to be sharp enough scissors to cut the way through the jungle of information and finally reach this church, situated in one Polish village.

An Abandoned Neo-Gothic Church - 1.jpg

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The abandoned Saint Trinity church (Belarus)

Each kilometre of the road leading to Benica, a remote village in Belarus, was worth going in order to reach a stunning abandoned church which was shining in the ordinary rural area like a pearl in a colourless seashell. It was amazing and unbelievable at the same time to see the great temple in the neighbourhood of wooden village houses which remained charming despite being forgotten for years. An old gate in front of the building invited to enter it and have a closer look on the building.

The abandoned Saint Trinity church - 1.jpg

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An abandoned Protestant church (Żeliszów, Poland)

Definitely a must see, no matter how unusual this expression may sound speaking about forgotten place. An abandoned church, situated in Żeliszów, a village in southwestern Poland, so simple and grey from the outside, hides behind its thick walls a magical scenery that impresses everyone who opens the heavy doors of the temple.

Abandoned Protestant church - 1.jpg

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An abandoned Protestant church (Stare Jaroszowice, Poland)

It was just a ruin on the way to more famous abandoned place in a village nearby. A decaying church which has already lost almost everything that once was making it so stunning, beginning with its beautiful interior and finishing with the elegant peak of the tower. Despite that there was something charmful about this place that invited to climb on the hill where the church was situated and enter the old ruins.

Abandoned Protestant church - 1.jpg

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The abandoned Mother of God Care church (Poland)

Speaking about abandoned churches in Poland, there’s a real pearl hiding in a small village in southeastern part of the country. Despite being overtaken by decay it still impresses everyone who opens its old wooden doors.

The abandoned Mother of God Care church - 1

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The Abandoned Saint George’s Church (Luková, Czech Republic)

When you’re passing through the north-western Bohemia region of the Czech Republic it’s definitely worth to visit the abandoned Saint George’s church in a small village Luková. Built in XVI century, it initially fell into disrepair in 1968 after the roof collapsed during a funeral service. Convinced that this was a curse, locals abandoned it preferring to carry out sermons and masses outside.
The church continued falling into ruin, but luckilly the way to rescue it was found – local artist Jakub Hadrava designed a collection of spooky ‘ghosts’ that line pews and aisles of the church. Since the art installation was created, the thousands of visitors from the whole world have come to visit the church and voluntary donations they leave help to restore this beautiful old church to what it once was.

The Saint george's Church - 1.jpg

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