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Taking a Road through the Unexplored Area of the Pilsen Region [Czech Republic]

A good thing about travelling by trains and buses is that sometimes there are no connections to the place where you want to go and you have to go there on foot. This is what happened to me on the way to one of the sites I planned to visit in the Pilsen Region (Czech Republic). No trains and buses there made me take a backroad through fields and forests, and that was a perfect occasion to see the less explored part of that area which probably still remains unknown even for many locals.

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The Abandoned Church ‘The Hidden Pearl’ [Czech Republic]

The beauty of decaying churches is a never ending story. So engaging one, that the will to read its next chapter can make you go a long way, no matter how many kilometres it counts. This time the mentioned story takes us to an ordinary village in the Czech Republic, hiding, in contrast, an abandoned church which is so spectacular, that even the ones in use can be jealous of its beauty.

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The House of Hanging Dolls [Rváčov, Czech Republic]

When you’re passing through Rváčov (Czech Republic), you’ll definitely see a strange house at the end of the village. The first thing which attracts your attention is a huge tree with plenty of dolls hanged on its branches. Going further you’ll see a house with, again, hundreds of dolls and other toys in front of it. Most of them are old and dirty, covered with dust, many are naked, with some parts as legs or hands missing. The eerie toys create an incredibly spooky atmosphere which you can’t forget even long time after leaving this place, as well as all the creepiness there makes you wonder, who and why is keeping such unusual collection?

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The Abandoned Saint George’s Church [Luková, Czech Republic]

When you’re passing through the north-western Bohemia region of the Czech Republic it’s definitely worth to visit the abandoned Saint George’s church in a small village Luková. Built in XVI century, it initially fell into disrepair in 1968 after the roof collapsed during a funeral service. Convinced that this was a curse, locals abandoned it preferring to carry out sermons and masses outside.
The church continued falling into ruin, but luckilly the way to rescue it was found – local artist Jakub Hadrava designed a collection of spooky ‘ghosts’ that line pews and aisles of the church. Since the art installation was created, the thousands of visitors from the whole world have come to visit the church and voluntary donations they leave help to restore this beautiful old church to what it once was.

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