A Blue Face Guy and the Others. A Quick Look over the Fence of the Fairytale Garden [Kuřim, Czech Republic]

Kuřim is an ordinary town in the Czech Republic hiding quite an extraordinary place—a fairytale garden full of decorations made by its owner. Luckily the holes of the net fence a big enough so that passersby can see magic creatures living there and other cute details. Below are some of them.

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A Fluffy Corner near the Block of Flats [Vilnius, Lithuania]

The time between the moment I got to know where this place is and the moment I went there was around one hour. Knowing about this weird site was simply impossible not to be in a hurry to see it. A small garden full of stuffed toys is something that definitely doesn’t happen to see every day.

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A Fairytale Garden [Dobczyce, Poland]

You can never know what is hiding behind high fences of possessions when you walk along the street—the same as it happened to me when passing through Dobczyce, a small town in southern Poland. The thing that attracted my attention and made me take a closer look on the place was a toy dog-basketball player put in a fancy swing. On my way through small towns and villages I’d already seen plenty of garden decorations but there was something about the mentioned dog in the swing suggesting that there was something more behind the fence than just ordinary garden sculptures.

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A Creepy Garden [Kamienna Góra, Poland]

When you walk along one the streets of Kamienna Góra (Poland) and look around carefully, you can find an extraordinary and a bit creepy garden near one of the houses surrounding the street. The thing which catches your attention passing through this place is its ‘inhabitants’—old garden sculptures and toys, including a few ducks, once bright-colored gnomes, a sad Teddy bear and the creepiest one—a doll with a piece of wood instead of the body.

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