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The Abandoned House ‘What the Vines Are Hiding’ (Poland)

Just another abandoned house patiently counting its last days. Once a cosy place to live, today this cabin is a bit unusual support for vines to get closer to the sky and at the same time one of the greenest sites in a small Polish village where it is situated.

The Abandoned House ‘What the Vines Are Hiding’ (Poland) - 1

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The Abandoned House ‘The Final Scene’ (Poland)

One more decaying house, and one more gloomy story. A movie that is going to the end, its final scene, a tragic one, and predicting no ‘happy end’. That is, in a few words, a story of one of a plenty abandoned houses in Poland—no matter how sad, still intriguing to get to know it.

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The Abandoned House ‘Empty Cages’ [Poland]

It was a small red brick cabin near the road crossing one village in Poland. A brightly green ivy covering on the roof, lack of the doors, as well as holes in the windows, let assume that decay had already moved there and invited to have a look on the painful agony of this once beautiful house. Thus, there was nothing else to do but cross a wild jungle surrounding the building and enter its decaying walls.

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The Abandoned House ‘Pale Blueness’ (Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland)

The thing which made me cross kilometres of forests and fields of Subcarpathia (Poland) that time was a an abandoned Greek Catholic church in one remote village. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), when I came, I did not find a key holder at home, so I decided not to waste time and explore the area around. That decision, no matter how quickly made, turned to be a great idea. It was enough to go along the road crossing the village and look around a bit to see an old abandoned cabin hidden among trees.

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An abandoned house near the road (Wola Batorska, Poland)

Sometimes, while passing through a random village, it happens to find a forgotten place that only locals know – like this decaying house in Wola Batorska, a village in southern Poland. The thing that makes it so impressive is old wooden architecture, so different from quite a lot of newer buildings around.

Abandoned house - 1.jpg

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The House of Hanging Dolls (Rváčov, Czech Republic)

When you’re passing through Rváčov (Czech Republic), you’ll definitely see a strange house at the end of the village. The first thing which attracts your attention is a huge tree with plenty of dolls hanged on its branches. Going further you’ll see a house with, again, hundreds of dolls and other toys in front of it. Most of them are old and dirty, covered with dust, many are naked, with some parts as legs or hands missing. The eerie toys create an incredibly spooky atmosphere which you can’t forget even long time after leaving this place, as well as all the creepiness there makes you wonder, who and why is keeping such unusual collection?

The House of Hanging Dolls - 1.jpg

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