Where the Time Has Stopped. The Abandoned House of the Architect [France]

Definitely one of the most beautiful abandoned places that I have ever visited. The incredibly well preserved abandoned house of the architect is situated in a small town somewhere in France. Decaying since years, it is still full of furniture, decorations and personal belongings of its former inhabitants—it can be easily said that the time has literally stopped there. Hours could be spent exploring each corner of the house and discovering the details that can let you take a quick glimpse on the life in this once so luxurious place.

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The World Command Center. Plenty of Satellite Dishes in the Yard [Czech Republic]

This time I have something for the fans of conspiracy theories 🙂 Did you know that the World Command Center is in the Czech Republic? Yes, Reptilians and Illuminati have their base in this abandoned house located in one big city. Otherwise how would you explain why there are so many satellite dishes—if not for collecting all your thoughts and sending them to a secret database? 😉

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After the Inhabitants Have (Not) Left. Exploring the Still Fully Furnished Abandoned House [Latvia]

Something from the exploration of one of the least explored countries in Europe. This fully furnished abandoned house situated in one of the cities in Latvia hides a lot to be discovered. Even too much, taking into consideration some details whispering that the place still may be inhabited—no matter how symbolic they are.

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Pictures in the Windows. Visiting the Wonderful House of Painter [Czech Republic]

An unknown settlement in the Czech Republic which so small that on some maps it doesn’t even have a name. The only explainable reason to go there could be only that a track leading to the nearby situated Prosička mountain is crossing the area. And what a nice surprise it should be for the hunters of weirdness to find here an old house seeing which simply makes it impossible not to stop for a while and have a look on what is hiding behind its windows.

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Welcome to the Wonderland. Visiting the Weird House of Toys [Dobrotice, Czech Republic]

How many times have you been dying from the boredom while waiting on the train station? In Dobrotice (Czech Republic) that wouldn’t happen for sure, even if your train had a few hours delay. The thing making waiting there more meaningful than elsewhere is the former train station and its current inhabitant who turned it into a weird house of toys.

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The Always-open Art Gallery. Visiting the Artistic House of Pictures [Svídnice, Czech Republic]

Have you ever seen the art gallery that is open 24/7, no matter what’s the weather or the season of the year? You can find it in Svídnice (Czech Republic)—one of the houses there is decorated with lots of pictures and is definitely a nice surprise for any art lover who by some reason visits this village. Below is a quick tour on this open-air exhibition.

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As from the Fairytale. A Joyful House at the Foot of the Rock [Prague, Czech Republic]

What can you expect to see following the streets of the big city? I guess anything apart from something that doesn’t fit a typical metropoly landscape at all—a colourful and joyful house situated at the foot of the huge rock. This accidental find on one rainy day forced me to go one more time to a bit remote part of Prague where it was located and see it again—this time painted with the sunlight.

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The Masterpiece of Weirdness. La Casa delle Favole [Italy]

The destination described in the this article is a kind of place that is very rare to find and at the same time sticks in mind for a long time. An abandoned house full of weird and even a bit creepy artworks is something that can easily force you to go to a small town Italy where it is situated just in order to enjoy its magic.

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A Soft Melody on the Wind. The Weird House of Pans [Mažonys, Lithuania]

One sunny May morning I went to Mažonys (Lithuania), a village which is so small that even a bus driver didn’t know where exactly it is situated. Just another settlement far from big cities, and at first sight seems that there’s nothing extraordinary about it. However, one of the houses there is so unusual that I simply couldn’t not go there.

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Behind the Soft Curtain of Cobwebs. A Spectacular Decaying House [Poland]

Not each place is worth more than one visit, especially if it’s just a small abandoned village house. However, I visited this decaying cabin three times and being in the area wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go there again. So what makes this site so special? Still cosy rooms coloured with the shades of decay? Lots of furniture inside letting imagine the life there? Or soft curtains of cobwebs which seems to be trying to hide the gloomy interior from the brightness outside? Let’s stop torturing our curiosit and open the old wooden doors.

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