An Abandoned Palace in Kościelniki [Kraków, Poland]

Passing through Kościelniki (a former village, currently a part of Kraków) it’s worth to have a look on an abandoned palace surrounded by a huge park. Now decaying, once it was a really great and beautiful place.
The palace was built at the beginning of XVIII century by Stefan Morstin, the owner of the property in Kościelniki. There were a few more improvements later changing even its original style from Baroque to Clasicism. The palace also changed a few owners. The last ones owning it were Wodzicki family who, forced by the coming Red Army, decided to leave the property. Soviet soldiers staying in the palace for a few months devastated it and since then its situation has been getting worse and worse. Today the palace belongs to the Nowina Konopek family, according to the information on the official website of Kościelniki, it’s being renovated.

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