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A Village in the Mountains. A Quick Visit of Pakleštica [Serbia]

Pakleštica, a small village in the mountains in Serbia, was in my itineary as one of the places to see while exploring the area around Zavojsko Lake. Some photos seen while planning the trip let me assume that I can find there something that is quite rare to see nowadays—old cabins which looked as if they were from a different century. So, despite the fact that visiting this place meant for me going a few kilometres out of the way I decided to go for it and extend my hike a bit.

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In the Middle of Nowhere. A Ruin of the Church in the Meadow [Serbia]

I’ll be honest—this place wasn’t a priority for me, but having a chance to see a ruin of the church painted with the colours of sunrise on the way from another more famous location I couldn’t not include it to my itineary as well. So, after sacrificing a few hours of sleep I was finally in a small Serbian village and the only thing left was a quick walk through the narrow streets in order to reach the site faster than the sun.

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After the Last Flight. Decaying Planes near the Airport [Serbia]

When there’s still some time before your flight, you have 2 options: spend it at the airport to make sure you are not late or explore the area around and see what is hidding there. When I was waiting for my flight home from Belgrade I chose the second one without any doubts.

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