An Abandoned Steading [Stare Jaroszowice, Poland]

So many unknown places can be found after making a few steps off the road and going deeper into the area surrounding it. One of such sites was an abandoned steading in Stare Jaroszowice, a small village in the south western part of Poland. Hidden over a thick wall of bushes, it was definitely worth making those few steps and more careful look in order to see it.

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An Abandoned Protestant Church [Stare Jaroszowice, Poland]

It was just a ruin on the way to more famous abandoned place in a village nearby. A decaying church which has already lost almost everything that once was making it so stunning, beginning with its beautiful interior and finishing with the elegant peak of the tower. Despite that there was something charmful about this place that invited to climb on the hill where the church was situated and enter the old ruins.

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