A Fairytale Corner in the Mountains [Bukowina Tatrzańska, Poland]

It does not happen too often to see a place like this. An oasis of magic and surreality in the desert of ordinariness—that’s probably the best way to describe this weird site, forcing to stop everyone who by some reason pass through the area where it’s situated. Unusual decorations on the fence as well as some strange details visible behind it wake up the curiosity and invite to enter the gate.

The mentioned place is a restaurant known by the name of ‘Bury Miś’, or ‘Drab Teddy Bear’. Situated in Bukowina Tatrzańska, a village in Southern Poland, it’s famous in the area because of its weird interior and not less unusual surroundings which remind a scenery of some surreal fairytale. The most impressive is a yard of the restaurant—weird sculptures and lots of other decorations create an artistic mess there and make it really difficult to simply enter the restaurant without having a closer look on them.

These are first of all the walls of the building, covered with a layer of weird decorations.

On the other hand, the interior is not less impressive—being there it’s impossible not to notice wooden tables, beautifully designed chairs and, again, many unusual decorations, including a Teddy Bear in a box on the wall which, considering the name of the restaurant, has a special meaning here.

One quick look around is already enough for this place to stick in mind, and spending there more time will make you notice even more weird details. One of them is a wooden sculpture old woman with glass eyes, a pitchfork on the head, and a grave cross by some reason hidden behind it.

The eyes also catch a dog-like creature with 2 heads.

Going further it’s impossible not to notice a chandelier hanged up under the blue sky instead of the ceiling.

Another detail—a sculpture of Budda meditating among the grass.

Some of the decorations are a bit creepy, as they are made from the sculls of the animals.

Looking more carefully the eyes will catch a small yellow duck hiding among scrap metal.

And many other details.

Just before leaving the place I had also an opportunity to have a look on a workshop nearby where all these magic creatures were made. Because of the plenty of details inside and the sculptures still in progress it was not less impressive than the previously described restaurant and its yard.

Lots of elements around make you stop for a while and look around—who knows, what they will be turned into, and who the new inhabitants of this fairytale corner will be?

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