A Fluffy Corner near the Block of Flats [Vilnius, Lithuania]

The time between the moment I got to know where this place is and the moment I went there was around one hour. Knowing about this weird site was simply impossible not to be in a hurry to see it. A small garden full of stuffed toys is something that definitely doesn’t happen to see every day.

Situated near one gloomy block of flats in Vilnius (Lithuania) is the most colourful and cheerful site in the area. Despite its small size, this garden is ‘inhabited’ by not lesser number of toys than an ordinary children room.

We can meet here a huge tiger surrounded by a few more fluffy toys.

Not less impressive is a lion, impossible to miss because of the bright colours.

After looking around carefully we can find a couple of dolls hidding in the grass.

There’s also an old suitcase full of toys—as if these were newcomers who have just landed in this garden to make it even fluffier.

Seeing this makes wonder what’s the story behind it and who put all these stuffed things here. That appears to be pretty easy to find out as the owners of the fluffy kingdom, quite obviously, live in the same block of flat. They have been creating the unusual garden for two years, and there have already been some changes there, as some toys had to be removed because of their bad condition, but at the same time more and more of them appear here, as people who know about this site bring there the ones they do not need anymore. Thus one thing is sure—despite all the changes, the site will definitely stay ‘inhabited’.

No matter how weird is the idea to decorate the garden with the toys which actually should be kept inside, it seems to be something that the gloomy surroundings of old blocks of flats are missing. These cute creatures bring some liveliness into the area and definitely force passers-by to stop for a while to have a look on them. And, no matter that the changing weather does not make the condition of the toys better, this still gives them a second life instead of ending up in a rubbish bin.

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