The Always-open Art Gallery. Visiting the Artistic House of Pictures [Svídnice, Czech Republic]

Have you ever seen the art gallery that is open 24/7, no matter what’s the weather or the season of the year? You can find it in Svídnice (Czech Republic)—one of the houses there is decorated with lots of pictures and is definitely a nice surprise for any art lover who by some reason visits this village. Below is a quick tour on this open-air exhibition.

The house will definitely catch your attention, and the closer you go, the weirder it looks. The building is literally hidden behind the pictures—seeing this makes an impression as if putting a few additional ones would make everything collapse.

These paintings for sure deserve some space on the wall in the real art gallery.

A closer look on some of the pictures.

An interesting detail—the flag of the United States.

Something that can be literally called ‘artistic mess’—this fluffy dog and flowers fit so perfectly among the rest of the stuff that it’s really difficult to say whether they have been put there by accident or on purpose—as the exterior detail.

]The last look on the place before going further.

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