Creepy Mannequins and Ancient Gods. Visiting the Extraordinary Veteran Muzeum Restaurant [Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic]

What is in common between old mannequins and ancient gods? Where is one of the most unusual tram stops? And where you can have a delicious lunch surrounded by plenty of retro cars? The answer to all these questions is simple—Veteran Muzeum Restaurant in Valašské Meziříčí (Czech Republic).

First thing that you see approaching this place is a tram full of weird passengers that seem to be frozen in time. Creepy gazes create an impression as if their heads were full of thoughts and not necessarily a peaceful ones which turns the mannequins inside into horrific creatures. Where are they going? The last stop of this tram was near the previously mentioned Veteran Muzeum—a restaurant on the outskirts of Valašské Meziříčí which is a perfect place not only for those having an empty stomach (lots of delicious food is offered there), but also for those starving to see something extraordinary. Apart from the previously mentioned weird tram the site is full of unusual decorations. The interior of the restaurant is full of retro cars and dolls driving them—not surprising at all that many visitors take photos of the vehicles while waiting for their meal. Another decoration is one more tram open for the visitors (the one with mannequins is protected by alpacas pasturing nearby and waiting for the restaurant’s guests to feed them). Moreover, the surroundings of the building are decorated with straw sculptures as well as wooden ancient gods and the interior is full of previously mentioned old cars, and much more. All that taken together turns this restaurant into something amazing and makes you stay there much longer than just for lunch. Below is a quick tour through the surroundings of the restaurant.

At first sight the building looks quite ordinary.

The madness starts when you take a closer look on one of the decorations—the tram full of weird passengers. 

The more you observe the mannequins, the more it looks like they were alive and that is creepy.

A look on the tram from the outside.

Another tram is empty and open for the visitors.

As mentioned before, the restaurant offers delicious food which is so good that even ancient gods patiently wait in the queue to get it 🙂

A few more ancient gods.

The restaurant is full of old cars and dolls driving them, so time flies fast waiting for the meal—so much to see there.

Before leaving the restaurant, a few more not less impressive decorations from its surroundings.

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