The Artistic Corner on the Outskirts of the Village. Visiting the Cellar of the Creative Outsider [Czech Republic]

I had only a few hints about the approximate location of this place and no hope to find it. That’s why once I finally saw it on the street view of the map I decided in one second about to go on the trip on the next day. I had a reason to go there as soon as possible because the place is really extraordinary—a decorated cellar on the outskirts of the village somewhere in the Czech Republic inhabited by an outsider who has been living there for 8 years already.

He has no electricity and heating there, and he uses water from the small stream nearby. No matter how gloomy such place may seem, the outsider has turned it into something beautiful by decorating the surroundings with whatever he finds. Moreover, he draws pictures which are really impressive taking into consideration that he has no education in the field of art. However, it is not enough for the outsider to draw the picture. He on purpose let them to be taken over by mold because according to him, only taken by mold they have their worth. What is more, the outsider has started creating wooden sculptures – so beautiful that it is even more difficult to imagine that a someone with so good drawing skills, gained with no education, has another talent in a different field.

To sum up the visit in this place, it was one of the most extraordinary places that I have seen so far. Even though I have already visited some eccentrics who put quite some efforts to decorate their surroundings (for example, some of them decorated their home with hanging dollspaintingspanstoys and much more), they still have ordinary homes with utilities which makes them similar to the rest of society. The inhabitant of the cellar is a real outsider since he doesn’t need an ordinary accomodation, only the cellar decorated with his art. The only similar place that that I have seen is another outsider who lives in the forest and decorates his slum with the sculptures made from rubbish.

By the way, the outsider from the cellar has disclosed his plans to decorate the surroundings of the cellar even more, so it may be worth to visit him one more time.

2 thoughts on “The Artistic Corner on the Outskirts of the Village. Visiting the Cellar of the Creative Outsider [Czech Republic]

  1. Hello,
    Can I kindly ask where I find the place?
    Thank you very much for the answer
    I am from Czechia (journalist)
    Jakub Pokorny

    1. Hello. Sorry to say that, but I don’t share the location of such places. Thank you for your understanding.

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