The Bright Future of the Gloomy Building. The Bizarre Model of the Train Station [Brno, Czech Republic]

When you enter Brno-Královo Pole train station in Brno (Czech Republic), at first sight there’s nothing unusual about about a display case in the middle of the waiting room. The winner of the contest for the train station reconstruction has been chosen, so a visualisation of the project would be appreciated as well. The madness starts when you come closer and see the amazingly bizarre model in the display case.

According to the visualisation, after the reconstruction Brno-Královo Pole train station will be surrounded by a huge green area inhabited by a plenty of animals, including also the extinct species. There are going to be some changes inside the building too—the composition suggests that adult-only shows will be offered there. The model causes mixed feelings and opinions about this idea vary as well. If the visualisation had been by the the elementary school students, then the result is amazing. It is worse though if the authors had been older. Others find the project great if not the fact that nowadays it would be challenging to find any pterodactyl. On the other hand, Brno is a city of unlimited opportunities, everything is possible there so who knows 🙂

Let’s explore the surroundings of the future train station and have a closer look on its inhabitants. This extraordinary model is even worth missing a train 🙂

For the beginning it’s worth to mention that the project is proudly funded by European Union.

360 degrees tour around the model.

The closer you look, the weirder it gets.

The most lively part is the area in front of the train station.

What’s going on here?

Let’s have a look behind the train station.

An elephant.

A quick look inside the train station.

And an adult only show.

Lots of birds.

The project is great, however finding pterodactyles could be a bit difficult.

A few more details.

To sum up, it is not sure whether they didn’t have budget for a proper visualisation, or the author of the model wasn’t sober, but the result is amazingly bizarre and if the reconstructed train station looks like that, I’ll definitely have to visit it one more time 🙂

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  1. It is also worth mentioning Pinocchio on information desk, who, whenever he lies, grows a nose.

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