‘Belarusian Maldives’ [Vaukavysk District, Belarus]

The road leading to this place was destroyed. It’s strictly forbidden to enter that area and those who don’t care about the warnings surrounding the site risk to get a fine. All that is done to protect visitors from entering the place which is so beautiful that the will to go there can even kill.

The mentioned site are a few chalk quarries. Created for the extraction of chalk, after some time they were filled with water. The thing that made them so popular is the colour of the water in the quarries which it got because of the residual chalk. Exotic turquoise, fresh azure and incredible emerald shades turned this place into something unusual as for Eastern Europe and were the reason why the place got the name of ‘Belarusian Maldives’.

As mentioned before, today it’s prohibited to enter the area where the chalk quarries are situated. The banks of the quarries have vertical descent so it’s dangerous to walk there. Also it’s important to mention that many cases of drowning in Belarus take place there. Despite that seems that the prohibition is not as powerful as it was supposed to be—the area is so huge that a few warning signs are nothing considering the beauty that is hiding there and calling to see it.

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