The Abandoned House ‘Behind the Leaky Walls’ [Poland]

It was a completely accidental find on the way to a few quite famous abandoned places in the area. One more decaying house in Southern Poland obviously getting closer and closer to the ground.

Its leaky walls suggested it might had been the last chance to hear the story of the place before it has died away thus it seemed to be a must to enter the old wooden doors.

Despite the decay taking over the place the interior of the house was still cosy. The thing bringing the feeling of cosiness inside were warm yellow walls—still bright enough even being covered with the dust.

This impression was enhanced by lots of thing left inside, including dishes and pictures—as if someone had been living there not long time ago.

There was even a letter left inside, still legible—however, let’s leave its content unread.

A few more interesting details in the house were handmade artworks on the walls.

They made it possible to get to know more about, probably, the owner of the house and have a closer look on the life in this place.

Pieces of the sky instead of ceiling, bare walls and dusty corners—these all are the signs that the house is counting its last days. Seems that nobody cares about once such a nice place to live. The doors are widely open and decay has already made use of the opportunity to enter them.

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