An Eerily Adorned Tree. The Creepy Skull Totem in the Woods [Poland]

Deep in the woods of Poland lies a mysterious and eerie sight – a tree adorned with animal bones. The atmosphere of this secluded location is undeniably spooky; one can almost feel death lingering in the air, especially when confronted by numerous skulls adorning the tree trunk. Moreover, the site is relatively distant from inhabited areas, amplifying this unsettling feeling. Collectively, these elements render the location so eerie that encountering it at night is undoubtedly something one would wish to avoid.

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Landed at the Wrong Air Base. A Fighter Aircraft in the Backyard [Poland]

If you’re uncertain about what to place in your backyard, consider an unconventional choice: a fighter plane! In a small village somewhere in Poland, an inhabitant has come up with an extraordinary idea—to position a military aircraft in his yard, to be more specific, a Mig 21-PF. The presence of such a plane in this location is so unusual that it will undoubtedly catch your attention. 

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A Concrete Zoo. Visiting the Magical Garden of Animal Sculptures [Poland]

It proved to be one of the most enchanting stops on our late autumn journey through Poland. It’s not every day that you come across a captivating garden adorned with a stunning array of animal sculptures, featuring elegant deer, graceful swans, and an assortment of other mesmerizing creations. Crafted with meticulous detail by a resident of the nearby house, these artworks beckon you to pause and delve into their intricate beauty.

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Cute yet Creepy. Visiting the Magic Yard of Toys [Katowice, Poland]

There’s an incredible place somewhere in Katowice (Poland)—a yard full of toys that look a bit creepy because of being left outside for a long time. The yard is located in a cursed district because I’ve been there twice and both time it was foggy, even though there was no cloud on the railway station a few kilometres away. The inhabitants of the garden, decaying toys, also seem to be possessed since decay has made them look spooky.

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Right from the Hell. A Demon in the Decaying Mausoleum [Poland]

Deep in the old and wild park in Poland is situated a decaying mausoleum which hides inside something that you sure wouldn’t like to find by accident late at night. A few metres high sculpture of the demon is greeting everyone who is curious to have a look inside the old building. Seeing this makes you wonder, how came that in the sacral place, where you would rather expect to see some sacral attributes, there’s the hellish creature instead?

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The Magic of Sunrise in the Decaying Temple. An Abandoned Protestant Church [Poland]

The whole night spent in the train making a few hundred kilometres long trip through Poland. Then a change to the bus when the darkness was still covering the town and only those who are really forced to go somewhere can be met on the train station. The thing forcing me that time to go for such enormously long journey leaving home in even more time of the day (or rather night) was an abandoned Protestant church.

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Behind the Soft Curtain of Cobwebs. A Spectacular Decaying House [Poland]

Not each place is worth more than one visit, especially if it’s just a small abandoned village house. However, I visited this decaying cabin three times and being in the area wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go there again. So what makes this site so special? Still cosy rooms coloured with the shades of decay? Lots of furniture inside letting imagine the life there? Or soft curtains of cobwebs which seems to be trying to hide the gloomy interior from the brightness outside? Let’s stop torturing our curiosit and open the old wooden doors.

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Hidden Behind the Vines. Inside a Decaying Village House [Poland]

Just another decaying village house situated somewhere in Poland. Not much was left inside apart from one messy but still fully furnished room. Despite being taken over by decay it was still quietly whispering about the times when the place was not bitten by time. However, quite a huge should be overcome in order to hear this story.

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