Gathering in the Backyard. Bizarre Decaying Sculptures [Budapest, Hungary]

When you stroll down one of the streets in the center of Budapest, Hungary, you might stumble upon a peculiar sight behind a fence. There’s a large group gathered in the backyard, with its members engaged in lively conversation and expressive gestures. At first glance, you might think it’s just a regular gathering, but upon closer inspection, it’s truly unusual – these aren’t people but sculptures, there are too many of them in one place to be mere decoration, and they are completely naked.

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A Concrete Zoo. Visiting the Magical Garden of Animal Sculptures [Poland]

It proved to be one of the most enchanting stops on our late autumn journey through Poland. It’s not every day that you come across a captivating garden adorned with a stunning array of animal sculptures, featuring elegant deer, graceful swans, and an assortment of other mesmerizing creations. Crafted with meticulous detail by a resident of the nearby house, these artworks beckon you to pause and delve into their intricate beauty.

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Weird Sculptures in the Forest. A Visit of the Outsider’s House [Czech Republic]

It doesn’t happen too often to see such an extraordinary place. A small cabin in the forest somewhere in the Czech Republic surrounded by plenty of weird sculptures sticks in mind for a long time. The unusual artworks have been created by an homeless outsider who has lived there since 20 years. The sculptures are made from various rubbish which combined together turned into something incredible—spectacular creatures that can easily compete with professional. Seeing them you can only admire the author’s creativity and feel sorry for the art galleries because of not storing these masterpieces.

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An Oasis of Magic in the Gloomy Desert. A Few Sculptures near the Workshop [Vilnius, Lithuania]

A few sculptures that ended up in a rather unusual place for pieces of art to be found—a yard of a workshop in Vilnius (Lithuania). A huge lamb, a man with a dolphin, another one sitting on the chair and other creatures surprise everyone who sees them passing through the industrial area where they are situated. The sculptures are not perfect—it is easy to notice, for instance, some missing parts and cracks. However, considering the gloominess of the place, these defects seem to be suiting these pieces of art perfectly and making them an inherent part of the grey industrial area surrounding them.

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