Another Use of Dishes. Visiting the Extraordinary House of Pots [Žagarė, Lithuania]

If you had to imagine a place with a plenty of dishes, what would it be? A huge cubboard in the kitchen? Endless shelves in the shop of dishes? And what about the roof and walls of the old wooden cabin? The house of pots in Žagarė (Lithuania) definitely makes everyone stop by, and even more—the building is so unusual that attracts tourists there because of its extraordinary appearance.

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A Soft Melody on the Wind. The Weird House of Pans [Mažonys, Lithuania]

One sunny May morning I went to Mažonys (Lithuania), a village which is so small that even a bus driver didn’t know where exactly it is situated. Just another settlement far from big cities, and at first sight seems that there’s nothing extraordinary about it. However, one of the houses there is so unusual that I simply couldn’t not go there.

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The Dusty Greenness. An Abandoned Manor House in the Park [Lithuania]

An abandoned manor house surrounded by a beautiful park is probably the most famous site in a small village in Lithuania where it is situated. As it often happens when decay takes over the place, the building is empty and grey inside. However, there’re still a few beautiful details inside taking breath away despite the poor condition of the building.

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An Oasis of Magic in the Gloomy Desert. A Few Sculptures near the Workshop [Vilnius, Lithuania]

A few sculptures that ended up in a rather unusual place for pieces of art to be found—a yard of a workshop in Vilnius (Lithuania). A huge lamb, a man with a dolphin, another one sitting on the chair and other creatures surprise everyone who sees them passing through the industrial area where they are situated. The sculptures are not perfect—it is easy to notice, for instance, some missing parts and cracks. However, considering the gloominess of the place, these defects seem to be suiting these pieces of art perfectly and making them an inherent part of the grey industrial area surrounding them.

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A Fluffy Corner near the Block of Flats [Vilnius, Lithuania]

The time between the moment I got to know where this place is and the moment I went there was around one hour. Knowing about this weird site was simply impossible not to be in a hurry to see it. A small garden full of stuffed toys is something that definitely doesn’t happen to see every day.

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Abandoned Greenhouses [Vilnius, Lithuania]

It doesn’t happen too often to find an abandoned site like this. A few decaying greenhouses surrounded by wild garden remind rather some secret house in a jungle impossible to go through than a place where plants were grown in a well-organised way.

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A Pet Cemetery [Vilnius, Lithuania]

An unofficial cemetery for pets in Vilnius. Several small graves decorated with toys, some candles and pets’ photos, as well as the forest surrounding the place create a really unusual atmosphere there. The place is a bit messy—nobody cared to put graves in a few straight lines instead of spreading them everywhere and toys on graves look a bit weird but, despite this, seeing it one thing is sure—those pets were really important to their owners.

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The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus [Vilnius, Lithuania]

The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus is situated in Kalvarijos, a part of Vilnius. Its old walls not painted for years inside make impression as if the chapel was abandoned, and some things stored there can make you think that it’s some kind of warehouse but in fact the chapel is still in use and sometimes is open so everyone can go inside.

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