A Gallery in the Block of Flats. Visiting the Artistic Staircase of Pictures [Šiauliai, Lithuania]

What would you expect to see in the block of flats? Gloomy staircase? Grey walls? And what about some art? An inhabitant of one small black of flats is Šiauliai (Lithuania) turned the staircase of the building to the real gallery by decorating its walls with so many pictures that you could spend ages watching them. 

Media says (the site is so extraordinary that it has already attracted journalists from the press and TV) that some time ago one inhabitabt of that block of flats needed the space for a few paintings created by his son and later on one created by his wife. His friends visiting this house liked the outcome, so he came up with an idea to decorate the rest of the walls. Currently there are around 170 pictures there, and they all were the gifts from the people who supported this idea.

Below are some more of the plenty of pictures covering the walls of the staircase. Landscapes, portraits, naturmort, and much more—which one do you like the most? 🙂

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