So Beautiful. The Wonderland Garden and Museum of Strange Emma [Líšnice, Czech Republic]

The wonderland really exists. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? No matter how incredible it may seem, there is a garden in Líšnice (Czech Republic) which will make you feel as in the fairytale. 

When due to plenty of trips my list of unusual places to visit became extremely short, it was a time to do another research, so that I don’t run out of the destinations. What an unexpected coincidence it was when searching for fairytale sites I found the garden which looked like real wonderland. Soon after that I was already on the way to this unusual place—The Wonderland Garden and Museum of Strange Emma. The owner of the site, Ms Irena Ema Lux, is fascinated about Alice in Wonderland and decorated the whole site in the style of this story, therefore the garden is full of extraordinary decorations and cosy corners. Following its paths you never know what is hiding over the corner—another elegant bench, cute sculpture or giant mushroom. I spent a few hours exploring its deepest corners and below are some of them. For the most recents updates from the wonderland, feel free to visit a Facebook page dedicated to this place.

The highlights of the site are extraordinary compositions and sculpures that perfectly fit in the wild garden.

One more mushroom corner. 

And even more mushrooms.

This building in the territory of the garden is definitely worth to check out.

To begin with, its artistic surroundings.

Let’s have a look inside.


A shed decorated with pictures.

The garden is full of elegant furniture.


Imprisoned angels.



More details.

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