Plenty of Ringing Fruits. The Extraordinary Phone Tree [Panevėžys, Lithuania]

What can you do with a phone that is no longer working? Throw it away? How about hanging it on a tree instead? The owner of a local leisure business, Relax Group Panevėžys in Panevėžys (Lithuania) has a truly extraordinary decoration on the company’s premises—a pear tree adorned with numerous phones, ranging from traditional models to modern smartphones. 

The idea to create the phone tree was inspired by the nature of one of the services offered by Relax Group Panevėžys—kayak rental. Customers often lose their mobile phones in the river, and while some are eventually found, they are typically damaged by water and rendered inoperable. Many phones were collected, and this collection would probably still be growing if one customer hadn’t suggested transforming them into something meaningful. As a result, the owner of the business came up with the idea of hanging them on the pear tree. 

The collection of phones hanging there continued to grow, and the tree even became a tourist attraction, resembling an open-air phone museum. You can find traditional phones with numbered rotary dials, the first models of mobile phones, and typical smartphones. It’s a fascinating experience to see such a variety of phones in one place. However, there’s only one thing that might make you uneasy about this site—what if they all start ringing at the same time?

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