Skeletons, Skeletons Everywhere. A Visit of the Creepy House [Germany]

I didn’t expect much from that place. I heard that it’s not the same impressive as it used to be, but also the truth is that in such case it condition most likely won’t improve in future. Therefore I didn’t hesitate to go there and see at least the leftovers of once weird exterior of the small house near the road somewhere in Germany. However, what I saw there exceeded my expectations.

But let’s start from the beginning. When I arrived there, in fact there was not much left there from previously weirdly decorated surroundings of the house. 

However I was lucky to meet the owner. He let me enter the yard which was way more interesting than the exterior of the house visible from the street, so I documented the extraordinary surroundings thinking that it was already the greatest success of that day.

However I still wasn’t aware of what will happen next.

The owner opened the doors of the house inviting me to enter but I wasn’t sure whether to go further or run away. What I saw there literally took my breath away. There was lots of stuff inside—skeletons, creepy dolls and much more. Finally I entered the building and did several shots.

Sorry for sharing so few photos from the inside—even though I like outsiders and weirdos, one moment I thought that all the skeletons in the house may be photographers who visited this place earlier, so I rather left it as soon as possible 🙂

When I was leaving the place I already knew that it will take some time to find the site which be the same extraordinary as this creepy house. It was unique.

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