Cute yet Creepy. Visiting the Magic Yard of Toys [Katowice, Poland]

There’s an incredible place somewhere in Katowice (Poland)—a yard full of toys that look a bit creepy because of being left outside for a long time. The yard is located in a cursed district because I’ve been there twice and both time it was foggy, even though there was no cloud on the railway station a few kilometres away. The inhabitants of the garden, decaying toys, also seem to be possessed since decay has made them look spooky.

Below are a few shots made during my multiple trips to this yard. Despite my efforts to document this place in vivid colours of the sunny day its curse was stronger and toys didn’t even hid that they are rather little demons.

For the beginning, a few sight on the yard from the different angles.

Probably the creepiest part of the yard—decaying dolls.

Since toys have been imprisoned in the yard for a long time, they have already maned to make friends with each other and spend time in a few small groups.

A big monkey and friends.

Winnie’s the Pooh’s gang.

The closer you look, the creepier it gets.

A swimming pool.

Quasimodo is also there.

A few more details.

In case you want to visit this place, watch out local boozers protecting the yard and drinking beer there since 10 AM. ‘Don’t pretend to be an artist, a couple of photos is enough, and go away’, they were annoyed as they saw me taking photos for 5 minutes already (they didn’t know that it was my second visit and that I stayed there for a few hours later on 😃 ). ‘Take photos in the toys store instead’, they said. No, I won’t go to the toy store because decaying toys are much more beautiful. And which ones do you prefer?

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