Lots of Art in the Non-artistic Place. The Surrealistic Firehouse [Czech Republic]

What would you expect to find in the former firehouse? No matter what the answer is, you for sure surprised to see there so much art. Situated in a small village in the Czech Republic, this old building is definitely the most vivid one in the area. Its walls are covered with lots of paintings and unusual details which taken together turn this place into something surrealistic making it difficult to take eyes off. 

The closer you come, the weirder it is. Each element definitely deserves a look.

The first weird thing that you see approaching the place is the information on the doors saying that a psychiatric ambulance is situated in the building. Apart from the ordinary disorders such as phobias or bulimia, a more specific ones, for example slander and jealousy, can be treated there as well. These ones are even worse, aren’t they?

Another impossible to overlook thing on the doors is a huge pale painting. Different from the information about psychiatric ambulance containing the frightening list of various disorders, the picture is very peaceful and makes you think that it has been put there to calm down the patients from the ambulance.

One more look on the colourful walls. Circles and flowers everywhere make them as one huge painting.

Lonely, but vivid and cheerful chair.

A look on the not less weirder tower. According to the information under the window, a general practitioner works there. Maybe it’s no a firehouse, but hospital?

The surrealistic number so suitable for this surrealistic place.

The top floors of the building are even weirder than the ground one.

One more quick look on the art on the walls. Lots of art.

The surroundings of the firehouse are full of colourful flowers—even in winter.

A few more paintings and artistic details.

For the conclusion, the last quick look—so vivid in comparison to white winter scenery.

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