The House of Hanging Dolls [Rváčov, Czech Republic]

When you’re passing through Rváčov (Czech Republic), you’ll definitely see a strange house at the end of the village. The first thing which attracts your attention is a huge tree with plenty of dolls hanged on its branches. Going further you’ll see a house with, again, hundreds of dolls and other toys in front of it. Most of them are old and dirty, covered with dust, many are naked, with some parts as legs or hands missing. The eerie toys create an incredibly spooky atmosphere which you can’t forget even long time after leaving this place, as well as all the creepiness there makes you wonder, who and why is keeping such unusual collection?

The owner of the kingdom of creepiness is Lubomír Votava, a former bodyguard and adviser of a Czech right-wing politician Miroslav Sládek. He devotes a lot of time to the maintenance of this spooky place. But, according to Mr Votava, the aim of the unusual collection is not to scare passers-by. He collects dolls to prevent them from throwing away and keeps them covered with dust because it makes them more impressive. There are different opinions about the house of dolls—some people don’t see any problem with it while others don’t like it and think that the owner is a fool.
In any case, the place is really unusual and worth to see if you like horror. Creepy dolls and other toys for sure won’t let you forget them and you’ll be thinking about this kingdom of creepiness long time after leaving it.

No idea what the creature is this on the right with doll’s head and dog’s body, but it looks weird.


The entrance to the world of creepiness.

‘Where are my legs?’

Garden decorations.

Hundreds of dolls.

Barbies acrobats.

Hangmen, or rather ‘hangdolls’.

Imprisoned in a spiderweb.

4 thoughts on “The House of Hanging Dolls [Rváčov, Czech Republic]

  1. I have thought about visiting this place. I know where the village is, but haven’t been able to find any other info about it. Did you just drive up to the house and start taking photos, or did you knock on the door and ask first?

    1. It was possible to take photos without asking for permission as the dolls are visible from the road and there was no fence there but I asked because it’s a private territory. Also, as I asked for permission, I could have a look inside where there’s also a huge collection of old dolls and toys 🙂

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