Another Use of Dishes. Visiting the Extraordinary House of Pots [Žagarė, Lithuania]

If you had to imagine a place with a plenty of dishes, what would it be? A huge cubboard in the kitchen? Endless shelves in the shop of dishes? And what about the roof and walls of the old wooden cabin? The house of pots in Žagarė (Lithuania) definitely makes everyone stop by, and even more—the building is so unusual that attracts tourists there because of its extraordinary appearance.

The owner of the place is Edmundas Vaičiulis, a local artist who has turned his home into a piece of art by decorating it with thousands of various dishes. Pots, pans and other aluminum containers are covering the roof and walls of the building and turned it into a local tourist attraction.

Moreover, the owner of the house stores there lots of other things. He found in the yard even some items that would even deserve to be placed in the museum, such as well preserved old Torah or silver candlestick. By the way, the house of pots also reminds some kind of museum. While it’s difficult to identify what is it all about, one thing is sure—it’s definitely extraordinary. Below is some of its collection.

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