Gathering in the Backyard. Bizarre Decaying Sculptures [Budapest, Hungary]

When you stroll down one of the streets in the center of Budapest, Hungary, you might stumble upon a peculiar sight behind a fence. There’s a large group gathered in the backyard, with its members engaged in lively conversation and expressive gestures. At first glance, you might think it’s just a regular gathering, but upon closer inspection, it’s truly unusual – these aren’t people but sculptures, there are too many of them in one place to be mere decoration, and they are completely naked.

These sculptures are the creations of students from the local university of arts. No longer needed, they’ve been relegated to the backyard behind the university building. Over time, decay has set in, lending an eerie atmosphere to the extraordinary storage area.

The presence of numerous decaying sculptures in one place creates a peculiar composition, drawing the attention of passersby who stop to take a photo. This sight is so unusual and rare that I felt compelled to document it. Below, you’ll find some photos from my visit.

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