The Abandoned Church ‘Sv. Segoš’ [Czech Republic]

It was the first abandoned church in the Czech Republic that I got to know about and the one that made me search even for more of them. Not surprising at all, as the beauty of its interior can make you stay inside for ages. Thus it’s worth to open its heavy doors and have a closer look on what is hidden behind.

First thing that the eyes catch while being inside the church is its quite well preserved inventory. The most impressive is a beautiful altar with lots of details, like sculptures, which look so real as if they were alive.

It’s also worth to mention old wooden pews—filling up the huge space inside, they chase away the emptiness from the church, so common for abandoned places, and let us see the building almost the same how it had been before decay took over it.

One more catching attention detail are organs—still in quite a good condition, just, different from the times of greatness of the place, not daring to interrupt the silence filling up the church.

All that taken together create a breathtaking temple of decay, which, despite being significally bitten by time, seems to be not less impressive than in its golden ages.

Dust on the pews, lack of plaster on the walls, faded colours—these are the signs that it has already been a long time since the last mass was held there. Silence filled up the church inviting the decay to move in, and looks that the new owner of the place did not hesitate with taking over it. On the other hand, the temple still remains charming—seems that even time is not able to destroy its greatness.

6 thoughts on “The Abandoned Church ‘Sv. Segoš’ [Czech Republic]

  1. I wish you would disclose the locations of the locations so those of us who want to do further research could.

    1. Michelle, locations are not disclosed to prevent the places from being devastated. Not everyone goes there to take photos.

      1. Not everyone goes there for photos, but there are enthusiasts who love to visit such places. Unfortunately, they are anonymous, and thus the world forgets about them.

          1. For example, I love such places, especially memories of them. The sad thing is there are vandals so I can’t find out where this church is. I hope to find it and be able to visit it.

            Ps. Can you get a hint where it is?
            It may be in the mail.
            Thank you and best regards.

          2. A hint: Czech Republic 🙂
            It’s inaccessible anyway, so rather search for other places.

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