Where the Childhood Lasts Forever. The Bizarre Gate of Toys [Prague, Czech Republic]

It had been a while since I got to know about this place. Just a random photo of a weird gate decorated with toys seen on the Internet and no information or exact details apart from a very approximate location. It seemed to be impossible to find it, however, this place stuck in my mind and one day while planning a trip to one undiscovered part of Prague (Czech Republic) I recalled that the approximate location of the strange gate should be somewhere nearby. I still didn’t have any hope to find it and continued preparations for the trip making a virtual walk on Google Street View in order to see what’s worth visiting there. To my big surprise, one of the first things that I saw was the weird gate and this is how I ended up making quite a long stop while exploring this area.

Many thoughts come seeing such place. First of all, what’s going on in the head of the author of this weirdness? Does it have some deeper meaning? It would probably take a while to find out the main reason of hanging toys on the fence hidden behind the shallow ones, such as having nicely decorated surroundings. Whatever it was, the outcome really makes this place worth stopping by. Dozens of toys put on the gate is something definitely rare to see. Teddy bears, dolls, cartoon characters, cute and a bit scary at the same time, will definitely make you stop for there a while. 

On the photos below you can see the ‘inhabitants’ of this bizarre place. Feel free to have a look and meet all of them.

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