A Creepy Garden [Kamienna Góra, Poland]

When you walk along one the streets of Kamienna Góra (Poland) and look around carefully, you can find an extraordinary and a bit creepy garden near one of the houses surrounding the street. The thing which catches your attention passing through this place is its ‘inhabitants’—old garden sculptures and toys, including a few ducks, once bright-colored gnomes, a sad Teddy bear and the creepiest one—a doll with a piece of wood instead of the body.

Seeing it makes you wonder whether it’s some surrealistic installation or simply a macabric parody of nice ‘sweet’ gardens decorated with new colourful sculptures put among the plants straight from the supermarket.

No matter what’s the idea of that, it’s definitely hard to pass through the garden quickly—nicely creepy toys will keep you here for a while and only a clock put above them won’t let you stay in this place forever reminding that it’s time to go further.

2 thoughts on “A Creepy Garden [Kamienna Góra, Poland]

    1. It really looks so 🙂 But that would be too weird even for such weird place 🙂 I had an opportunity to talk to the owner of this garden – seems to be pretty extraordinary person, so nothing strange he created such an unusual collection 🙂

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