The Beauty in Sorrow. An Extraordinary Grave in the Small Cemetery [Czech Republic]

It’s unbelievable how the saddest things can be turned into something beautiful. Moreover, the mix of beauty and sorrow creates such an amazing combination that they can be easily called a masterpiece. A perfect example is a cute stone sculpture of the house that made me stop for a while and make a few shots. Seeing it you barely would be to think about anything sad, and only the nicest thing would come to your mind if not mentioning the fact that it’s situated in the graveyard.

This beautiful sculpture is actually a grave in the small cemetery somewhere in the Czech Republic. As if it wasn’t sad enough, it’s dedicated to a boy who passed away at the age of two months. Due to early death the child didn’t have a chance to enjoy his life, nevertheless this beautiful grave will sure make think about him everyone who will visit this place.

As mentioned previously, the sculpture has a shape of a nice small house.

Due to small details it is a real artwork and it seems that just one closer look would be enough to see the life going there. Let’s come closer and maybe even knock the doors.

Some of the amazing details.


The entrance. Who would like to come in?

Despite the moss that has taken over the sculpture, the house is not abandoned. Here are some of its inhabitants.

A few more details.

The last glimpses on the sculpture and a bit of its surroundings—for those who still think that it’s the house of hobbits.

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