The Abandoned Church ‘The Hidden Pearl’ [Czech Republic]

The beauty of decaying churches is a never ending story. So engaging one, that the will to read its next chapter can make you go a long way, no matter how many kilometres it counts. This time the mentioned story takes us to an ordinary village in the Czech Republic, hiding, in contrast, an abandoned church which is so spectacular, that even the ones in use can be jealous of its beauty.

The thing making this church so impressive is its beautifully decaying interior. Some elegant details inside, like quite well preserved wooden altar or old-fashioned pews, surrounded by a huge space and put inside a simple shape building make this church similar to a hidden pearl. This impression is enhanced by the area where the temple is situated—a small village at first sight does not look as if it could be hiding something great.

Seeing this church so impressive now, when it’s decaying, makes wonder about its beauty when it was in use—the times when currently visible redness of the bricks on its walls was hidden behind the solid layer of white plaster, the floor was not covered with a carpet of dry leaves and benches—with a thick cover of the dust. The same about the silence filling up the temple—it makes wonder what was going on in the church when the masses were held here and there was more of life inside. However, seems that these questions will be unanswered, similar like the times of greatness of this place will never come back.

No matter how engaging the story of this church is, it’s time to turn the page and move to another chapter. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. The beauty of this temple can make you stay forever and only another abandoned church waiting to be explored can make you close its old doors.

2 thoughts on “The Abandoned Church ‘The Hidden Pearl’ [Czech Republic]

  1. Good evening,
    I would very much like to give you some locations of several beautiful urbex-locations.
    Please let me know if you are willing to exchange locations. I could give you location s in for example Georgie.
    I would very glad to get the coordinates of the white chapel or the hidden pearl in Czech. In about 3 weeks i visit Tsjechië for 8 days.

    I have visited about 600 buildings in Italy, Poland, Tsjechie, France, Germany etc.
    Hopely we can help each other.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Wil Westerweel
    Zutphen, Holland

    1. Dear Wil, it seems that I’ve seen your message too late. The white chapel is being reconstructed (at least its roof), so most likely currently it’s not as impressive as it was, and the hidden pearl is not as easy to access as it was before (if it’s still possible at all) – a previous keyholder doesn’t have the key anymore. In any case I hope that you had a nice trip.

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