Pleszów [Kraków, Poland]

Pleszów is a former village which currently is a part of Kraków (Poland). The first thing which you see when you are here is a great industrial place—Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks which makes the area around look grey and gloomy.

The impact of the steelworks on Pleszów was much bigger than it may seem at first sight. If you look around you will find some abandoned village houses.

People had to move from here because the steelworks was thought to make the environment too poluted to live (even though it appeared later that the pollution level was not so high).

A large part of Pleszów is a settlement of houses spread along a few streets. One of them leads to a great abandoned building. Originally it had belonged to a palace and later it was turned into a pressing house. It has already been quite a long time as the building is not use and is slowly getting into a ruin.

Pleszów is quite diversified place as you can find here some industrial buildings, old village houses and even abandoned palace. Probably the best time to see it is late autumn which perfectly suits this gloomy area.

And, for the conclusion, a bit creepy decoration of a local restaurant which perfectly shows the atmosphere in Pleszów. Despite loosing his hand, a cooker still remains cheerful inviting customers to try specialties prepared in this place.

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