A Fairytale Garden [Dobczyce, Poland]

You can never know what is hiding behind high fences of possessions when you walk along the street—the same as it happened to me when passing through Dobczyce, a small town in southern Poland. The thing that attracted my attention and made me take a closer look on the place was a toy dog-basketball player put in a fancy swing. On my way through small towns and villages I’d already seen plenty of garden decorations but there was something about the mentioned dog in the swing suggesting that there was something more behind the fence than just ordinary garden sculptures.

My assumption was correct—it was enough just to look around to see the garden that looks like a fairytale scenery. First thing that was putting on the place a shade of magic was its design. A small pond with high stony banks surrounded by various plants and bushes, fancy benches literally swallowed by thick ivies, and other details, like oldfashioned wheels or elegant lanterns—all that created a perfect place to live for fairytale creatures.

In fact, the place was inhabited by the mentioned creatures, and they were probably the most impressive thing there. An old man that reminded a wise magician, attentively observing what was going on in the garden, or a cheerful gnome, looking for something among the thick plants—these are just a couple the inhabintants of the garden that turned it into a place that is really deifficult to throw away from the memory. It’s also worth to mention plenty of toy animals in the whole garden which, despite being plastic, made this place so alive and sometimes created incredible compositions with each other—like a frog and dinosaur put together on the same stone.

One more thing making this place so impressive was details. No matter whether it were children’s shoes on the foots of the previously mentioned magician, or just a small toy frog hiding among the stones, all that was making this fairytale place incredibly real. The garden was full of such elements, and that even enhanced their impact on the perception of this site.

When it’s already time to leave this place, it can be difficult to do that, as all sculptures and toys taken together create an incredible atmosphere atmosphere in the garden that makes you stay longer and one more time have a look around. And that is not surprising at all—it doesn’t happen too often to find a fairytale hidden behind an ordinary fence on the street.

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