The Abandoned Palace ‘M’ [Poland]

A breathtaking decaying palace in an ordinary village—that is the common beginning of the story about the last days of the most of such places in Poland. The simplicity of the area even enhances the impression of greatness of these sites, no matter how great they are by themselves, and creates a perfect background for the significally bitten by time buildings. An abandoned palace in Southwestern Poland, let’s call it the palace ‘M’, is not an exception in this case, and impresses everyone passing through the area where it’s situated.

A short glimpse on the old massive walls of the building is enough to assume that there should be something amazing hiding inside. The impression they create is not misleading, as the interior of the palace is exceptionally well preserved and seeing it even causes a feeling as if the place was still in use.

Probably the most impressive place in the building is a room with a round table and piano. Fully furnished, with lots of details, it looks ready to move in. The table is accurately covered with a tablecloth, and there still can be found some books on the shelves in the room. All that taken together can easily put a visitor in a doubt if the place is really abandoned.

One more thing making the palace so impressive is old furniture in the rest of the rooms. It’s so elegant and beautiful that even one wardrobe in an empty room puts on the interior a shade of the greatness.

However, a huge part of the building is already significally bitten by decay. Bare walls and emptiness—all that taken together let assume that the building is falling into ruin and will never be as great as it was in its golden ages.

It does not happen too often to see so well preserved abandoned palace. However, considering its current condition seems that its hope to be saved is slowly passing away. Thus it’s just a matter of time when decay will finally take over the place, covering the beautiful old furniture with a thick layer of dust and putting cobweb curtains on huge windows.

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