The Pale Blueness of the Decaying Walls. Exploring The Abandoned Butterfly Palace [Serbia]

The blueness and butterflies. These are two things that will sure stuck in mind for a along time after visiting the abandoned palace situated in some village in Serbia. No matter how pale and its walls are, a bit of imagination will let you see how vivid they were in the time of the greatness of this building. Probably the most impressive part of the palace is an elegant staircase with huge colorful butterflies flying there and greeting each unexpected visitor who by some reason entered the site.

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The Abandoned Palace ‘M’ [Poland]

A breathtaking decaying palace in an ordinary village—that is the common beginning of the story about the last days of the most of such places in Poland. The simplicity of the area even enhances the impression of greatness of these sites, no matter how great they are by themselves, and creates a perfect background for the significally bitten by time buildings. An abandoned palace in Southwestern Poland, let’s call it the palace ‘M’, is not an exception in this case, and impresses everyone passing through the area where it’s situated.

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The Abandoned Rzewuski Palace [Bratoszewice, Poland]

Beautiful abandoned palace significally bitten by decay but still hiding a stunning sight inside that won’t let leave this place easily. This is something that definitely makes it worth to enter a park in Bratoszewice, a village in Poland.

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An Abandoned Palace [Osła, Poland]

Osła is a small village in Lower Silesia (Poland) where you can find once great but now absolutely forgotten decaying palace. It was built in about 1830 at the place of the ruins of XVIII century castle. After World War II the palace became a property of State Agricultural Farm and then the process of its destruction started. Some time ago people were living in there, but recently it has become abandoned and now the place is slowly getting into ruins.

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An Abandoned Palace in Kościelniki [Kraków, Poland]

Passing through Kościelniki (a former village, currently a part of Kraków) it’s worth to have a look on an abandoned palace surrounded by a huge park. Now decaying, once it was a really great and beautiful place.
The palace was built at the beginning of XVIII century by Stefan Morstin, the owner of the property in Kościelniki. There were a few more improvements later changing even its original style from Baroque to Clasicism. The palace also changed a few owners. The last ones owning it were Wodzicki family who, forced by the coming Red Army, decided to leave the property. Soviet soldiers staying in the palace for a few months devastated it and since then its situation has been getting worse and worse. Today the palace belongs to the Nowina Konopek family, according to the information on the official website of Kościelniki, it’s being renovated.

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The Abandoned Potocki Palace [Krzeszowice, Poland]

The great abandoned Potocki Palace surrounded by a huge park is definitely one of the most impressive places in Krzeszowice—a small town near Kraków where it’s situated. The palace was built in the middle of XIX century, not counting some later improvements. The Potocki family moved here in 1862 and had been owning the palace until World War II, when it became a summer residence of the General-Governor Hans Frank. After the war the palace was nationalised and turned to a special purpose school and education center, later also a care facility for children and youth. At the same time the process of the destruction of the palace started—affected by the lack of heating and moisture, the building started getting into the worse and worse conditions and now it has already been a few dozen years as it’s abandoned. Despite this fact, today the palace and the park surrounding is still an impressive place often visited by locals and is really worth to see if by some reason you are in Krzeszowice.

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An Abandoned Protestant Church and the von Reichenbach Palace [Goszcz, Poland]

Goszcz is a small Polish town with two really impressive and a little bit unusual places—a mystic abandoned Protestant church and the semi-ruined Palace von Reichenbach, where, surprisingly, people are still living.

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