An Abandoned Church on the Hill. One More Story of Decay [Czech Republic]

It was a gloomy day and better weather would definitely make a trip nicer, especially as it was a long walk through villages and areas which can be simply named as the middle of nowhere. However, after reaching the place it appeared that the grey sky perfectly filled the scenery where the final destination of the journey was situated. This place was an old decaying church on the hill, still carefully covered with greyness, so common for the beginning of spring, and together with the colourless clouds making this site even a bit frightening.

Despite the gloomy atmosphere around, this temple, still quite well preserved, looked inviting to enter and it was worth to do that. The building was much brighter inside—warm colours made its interior completely different from the grey surroundings.

Also, this church had something making it a bit cosier than other abandoned ones. It was almost fully equipped, so there were not that much of unpleasant emptiness, so common for decaying sacral places.

A well preserved altar and old wooden pews let see the place quite the same as it was when masses were held there.

The church was also full of details—beautiful frescoes and accurate carves were making the picture of the place in its times of greatness even clearer.

However, the most noticeable element inside were crosses. First of all it was the one on a huge flag on the balcony, rather put there on purpose than hanging from the times when the church was in use. No matter how came that the cloth appeared there, the white cross on it was definitely the most characteristic detail of the interior of the church.

There were a few more ones in the windows, partially broken, so currently visible only through the eyes of imagination. Despite being damaged they still reminded that it used to be the home of God, today, however, forgotten by its owner as well as once regular guests.

Missing glass in the windows turned them into a gloomy picture of the surroundings of the church.

After checking out each of the corners in the building and leaving the place it was time to have a look on a bit creepy scenery outside. A few graves, massive stone fences and trees, still leaves less, created not the pleasantest atmosphere there.

It was enhanced by the silence filling the surroundings of the church—it had been already quite a long time as nobody cared about this place and only decay lived there, little by little taking over it.

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  1. Zdravím,
    bylo by možné získat informaci o poloze tohoto místa? Bohužel to nemohu nikde dohledat a mám podobná místa rád.

    Děkuji za informaci! =)

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