Hidden Behind the Vines. Inside a Decaying Village House [Poland]

Just another decaying village house situated somewhere in Poland. Not much was left inside apart from one messy but still fully furnished room. Despite being taken over by decay it was still quietly whispering about the times when the place was not bitten by time. However, quite a huge should be overcome in order to hear this story.

The house was hidden behind the layer of vines so thick that there was just a cabin-shaped block visible.

Only after getting closer it was possible to see that it wasn’t a huge bush but small building.

As mentioned before, there was just one fully equipped room. The rest part of the building was almost empty, apart from some significally bitten by decay furniture.

The room was full of details—the most beautiful ones are pictures of Saints, so common for abandoned village houses.

Another element, a towel, looked as if it has been put there and never used.

Dry plants in the flowerpots were completely different from the jungle of vines outside.

There was also an alarm clock without hints—so symbolic to find in the place where time has stopped and perfectly summarizing the story of this place.

Seeing a vine curtain on the other side of the window made an impression as if these plants were taking part in the battle for this site. It looked that nothing will stop them from ruining the walls and making beautiful furniture inside rotten. The quantity of the vines made them so powerful that seeing these plants there was no doubt that some day they will turn this cosy house into a wild nature corner.

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