Where a Devil Lives. An Abandoned Villa on the Hill [Czech Republic]

One of the trips spent exploring abandoned places in the Czech Republic brought me to an old decaying villa situated in the southern part of the country. At first sight the exterior of the building was more beautiful than its interior, which in other words means that there was no point to stay inside longer. However, there was one ‘hellish’ detail in the villa which had an impact on its atmosphere and made me spend there a bit more time.

Before entering the villa, a closer look on the building from the outside and its green surroundings.

For the beginning, the ‘devilish’ room. Being there it’s impossible to miss one unuasul detail. A pitchfork, the main attribute of the devil, is left inside, letting assume that the hellish owner is somewhere here.

And, no matter how unbelievable it may sound, actually there’s a monster inside—just not the horned one. The beast that has taken over the place is decay which is easy to notice seeing the condition of the building.

Let’s have a look on the rest of the rooms and details inside. The one with a bath is one of the most beautiful ones here, no matter how empty it is. This only detail was enough to give it some charm.

Another, the empty one, literally filled up only with the colour of its walls and some stuff on the ground.

One more room. Reminds a composition in a contemporary art gallery.

Looking more carefully around the building you can find a mandatory detail for such site—nature taking over the place.

After leaving the villa it’s also worth to have a look on its surroundings. The most beautiful detail outside is an elegant old sculpture. Situated in the overgrown environment it seems even more impressive and makes the place look as if it was some secret garden.

Another detail in the surroundings of the villa—decaying stone stairs.

For the conclusion, lots of grenness surrounding the building.

And the last quick glimpses on the villa while going down from the hill.

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  1. Hello,

    This looks amazing. I would like to location scout it for a possible movie shoot. Do you happen the have the address of the abandoned villa?

    Thank you

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