The Liliputians Lived There. A Story about a Tiny Decaying Village [Czech Republic]

I didn’t expect much from this place, but finally I ended up visiting it 3 times in one week. A decaying model of the village situated in the ‘real’ village in the Czech Republic was something that I had never seen before. Due to their small size, the houses would be suitable only for the Liliputians and it was enough to make a few steps in order to move from one side of the settlement to another. Nevertheless the buildings had so many details and taken all together created such an incredible place that I spent hours exploring it.

This decaying model of the village is so unreal that don’t even expect to find here any real facts about the place. Instead check out the story below which will tell you about the life there before the site became abandoned and (maybe) reveal the reason why the inhabitants are gone.

Chapter 1. The Village

Very well visible from the road, but completely unexpected to find. This place is literally an oasis of weirdness in the ordinary rural landscape where it is situated. A few tiny houses located around the pound nowadays are abandoned, nevertheless seeing them there is no doubt that once it was a really lively village. No matter how small, it had the town hall, pub, church and firehouse. Still bright and colourful buildings look inviting to explore the site, so it’s worth to make a small walk.

Chapter 2. The Town Hall

It would be pointless just to idle about the settlement, so let’s have a look on probably the most important place there—the town hall. No doubt that many decisions influencing the life of the whole village were taken there and each inhabitant visited it at least sometimes. However, since the settlement is abandoned, the doors of this institution have been closed since quite a long time.

Chapter 3. Sacral Places

It seems that the inhabitants were really religious because even 2 sacral places can be found here. One of them is a chapel at the entrance of the village which greets each wanderer who by some reason visited this weird settlement.

Not less impressive is a church with a cute angels imprisoned inside. Who knows if they are aware that the inhabitants have been gone.

It’s also worth to mention one more angel. Different from the previous ones, he lives on the rooftop and looks as if he was praying for this village.

Chapter 4. The Pub

The inhabitants spent each day working hard, however it was different in the evening—the pub was full since they also wanted to reward themselves for the work done and have some fun. We can only imagine their talks while having a beer and who knows—maybe even some fights. Once full of visitors, today the pub is silent—same as other places around.

Chapter 5. The Firehouse

In order to make sure that the village is safe from the fire, it was a must to have the firehouse, and there was one there as well. Probably the work of firemen in the settlement wasn’t very difficult, since there was a huge pond nearby.

Chapter 6. Life in the Village

While exploring the deepest corners of the village it’s easy to notice that the inhabitants were quite busy with their daily routines—whether it was preparing firewood or just cooking. It’s proved by plenty of equipment that can be still found in the village.

Chapter 7. The Attack of the Snails

The life in the village was quite calm until something unexpected happened—one day the place was taken over by the snails predators. They found the settlement after the long search for food—so hungry, that they gobbled up the inhabitants so quickly that there were no chance for them to run away. 

This part of the story is too bloody to describe it in a more detailed way, so let’s finish it at this point and continue our walk among the tiny houses. Despite the tragic past and decay that has taken over the village, this place looks quite joyful as the buildings are still bright.

Exploring the deepest corners of the village.

The settlement seen from the bird’s eyes perspective.

The last quick look on the village before going further.

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