The Power of Water. Moving Miniature Watermills near the Fairytale Stream [Havlíčkův Brod District, Czech Republic]

Discover an amazing location hidden in the Havlíčkův Brod District in the Czech Republic: two miniature watermills inhabited by various fairytale creatures. I made several visits to properly document this enchanting site; equipped with gumboots to traverse the water surrounding the buildings, I took not only photos but also videos, immortalizing the charming movements of the figurines that bring this place to life. Though it was the most time-consuming location I’ve explored this year, every moment spent there was undeniably worth it. 

The miniature watermills are crafted from wood and adorned with figurines depicting various Czech fairytale characters. While plenty of details already make them look truly impressive, what enhances their charm even more is that everything there is in motion. Situated on the stream, the flowing water runs the mechanisms inside the watermills. The video below captures the magic of this place. 


Let’s have a closer look on miniature watermills situated near the stream crossed by the road. 

One of them inhabited by devils. 

Probably the cutest devil in this house, caught in a slightly inconvenient moment. 

More devils. 

A sculpture behind the watermill. 

Devils’ watermill seen from the different angles. 

Let’s head to another watermill made up of a few parts dedicated to different fairytales.

First part dedicated to Krakonoš, a folkloric mountain spirit.

Fairytales continue on another side of the watermill. 

There’s also a sign near the watermills inviting to guess fairytales shown there. Can you guess any?

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