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The junk shop ‘Stary Kufer’ (Krakow, Poland)

An oldfashioned pram stroller and some other stuff put near the entrance to a tenement house on one of the streets in Krakow suggested that there’s something extraordinary hiding behind the doors. That impression wasn’t misleading.

The junk shop ‘Stary Kufer’ - 1.jpg

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The Bridge of Angels (Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland)

When you’re in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, it’s worth to look up for one beautiful sight here – the Bridge of Angels. It’s not the first bridge at this place – there had already been a few other ones there, but were damaged by the flood. The current one was built in 1903-1910 and is decorated with stone statues of archangel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and guardian angel which make this at first sight ordinary bride look really impressive.

The Bridge of Angels - 1.jpg

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The Dr J. Babiński Neuropsychiatric Hospital (Kraków, Poland)

The Dr J. Babiński Neuropsychiatric Hospital, often called by locals ‘Kobierzyn’ because of the place where it is situated, is the largest psychiatric hospital in Kraków. Apart from playing an important role in the provision of mental health services, the hospital is also a local heritage monument—the whole complex of the one-century old buildings surrounded by a picturesque park is listed in Krakow’s Monument Register.

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The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The Chapel of the Tomb of Jesus is situated in Kalvarijos, a part of Vilnius. Its old walls not painted for years inside make impression as if the chapel was abandoned, and some things stored there can make you think that it’s some kind of warehouse but in fact the chapel is still in use and sometimes is open so everyone can go inside.

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