The Magic of Sunrise in the Decaying Temple. An Abandoned Protestant Church [Poland]

The whole night spent in the train making a few hundred kilometres long trip through Poland. Then a change to the bus when the darkness was still covering the town and only those who are really forced to go somewhere can be met on the train station. The thing forcing me that time to go for such enormously long journey leaving home in even more time of the day (or rather night) was an abandoned Protestant church.

I entered the temple when the night was turning into the morning and the building was still filled out with the dusk. One hour later the first sunrise entered the old building. No matter how crazy spending the whole morning in the church may seem, it was an unforgettable experience. The sunrise blew some magic into the gloomy temple and turned each bite of time on the old walls of the building into the essential element of this fairytale scenery. The photos below were an attempt to eternize this beauty, or at least its part that can be imprison in the pictures—since the atmosphere can be only felt.

2 thoughts on “The Magic of Sunrise in the Decaying Temple. An Abandoned Protestant Church [Poland]

  1. 4/14/2024=====hello all ;
    Visited yall’s website first time inquiring about unknown things ;
    My relatives come from what is now Swidwin Poland ==== formerly Schievelbein, Kreis Dramburg, Pommerania, Germany ;
    My question is did Poland or any other Slavic country always have Protestant churches ? This even around Martin Luther’s time ? ;
    Comments and answers always most welcome ;
    Most Grateful ===== Charles Haese

    1. Hello. I wish I could help with your question, however this project rather documents the presence of the places than their history. Therefore I suggest you to search for response in other sources.

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