Right from the Hell. A Demon in the Decaying Mausoleum [Poland]

Deep in the old and wild park in Poland is situated a decaying mausoleum which hides inside something that you sure wouldn’t like to find by accident late at night. A few metres high sculpture of the demon is greeting everyone who is curious to have a look inside the old building. Seeing this makes you wonder, how came that in the sacral place, where you would rather expect to see some sacral attributes, there’s the hellish creature instead?

Long story short, a few years ago there was a movie shot here (a horror one, surprisingly), and this frightening sculpture was a part of its scenery. It’s already been some time as filming is over and everyone can see its outcomes on the screen, however the demon liked the decaying mausoleum so much that didn’t move anywhere. The building is open, so everyone can visit this impressive creature. However, the hospitality of the demon has also its downsides—since the place is open for everyone, from time to time some guests try to defeat the beast, and if not some enthusiasts repairing it every time it’s damaged, the sculpture would be gone long time ago. Luckily there have been some protections implemented in the mausoelum recently which in future will help to identify vandals.

For the conclusion, a few photos of the mausoleum and its hellish inhabitant.






12 thoughts on “Right from the Hell. A Demon in the Decaying Mausoleum [Poland]

  1. Exactly. Experience shows that not everyone goes to such places just to take photos, so locations cannot be disclosed.

  2. That’s a shame that it was vandalised, no wonder why you won’t give out the location. Can I ask was this made specifically for the film and just left there? Thanks!

    1. Indeed it’s a shame. Yes, it was made for the film and remained there until it was destroyed.

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