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The Darkest Nightmare. Exploring the Creepy Abandoned Holiday Home [Germany]

What can be creepier than old decaying dolls? Most likely only old decaying dolls in the abandoned building taken over by nature and decay. A spectacular composition of moss, mold and significantly bitten by time toys—that’s the best way to describe an old holiday home located in a small village in Germany. It is also the reason why you can spend in this small decaying building hours, not feeling at all how time is passing by, no matter whether you have your camera with yourself or just save the images that your eyes catch deep in your mind—so that your uncouscioness had some material for your future nightmares.

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In the Middle of Nowhere. A Ruin of the Church in the Meadow [Serbia]

I’ll be honest—this place wasn’t a priority for me, but having a chance to see a ruin of the church painted with the colours of sunrise on the way from another more famous location I couldn’t not include it to my itineary as well. So, after sacrificing a few hours of sleep I was finally in a small Serbian village and the only thing left was a quick walk through the narrow streets in order to reach the site faster than the sun.

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Deep into the Darkness. A Tunnel in the Valley [Czech Republic]

Somewhere in a beautiful valley, a few metres away from the road followed by those enjoying the previously mentioned beauty, something completely opposite can be found. A long and dark tunnel which taking into consideration its peaceful surroundings looks like the gate to the hell.

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A Story about Empty Rooms. Exploring a Beautifully Decaying Abandoned Manor House [Moldova]

Thanks to this manor house I had chance to try travelling by Moldovan night train. In case you think it was because the place was situated in such a middle of nowhere that it was the only reasonable connection, you’re wrong—no trains went to this village in Moldova at all. In my case the only way to reach it was a night train to another village nearby and then a few kilometres walk enjoying the sunrise. No sarcasm here, even if it sounds a bit weird to be in some village before the sun rises. Some spectacular sights from this walk can be found here and here.

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Just on Time. Watching the Death of the Industrial Monster [Czech Republic]

I had many doubts about that trip. Going to visit the place which had been already under demolition didn’t sound very promising. What will we find there? Only ruins? Will we find there ANYTHING? Nevertheless, one thing was sure—the condition of the building won’t be better, so the only option was to leave the city for a while and follow the road the same foggy as unsure the destination of the trip was—an abandoned heating plant situated in the small town in the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, after reaching the place all doubts faded away, as the demolition turned to be the unique occasion to see the agony of the building which, due to the bright sparks coming from the cuts of its heavy constructions, looked as a dying steel monster. 

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Many Years After the Last Mass. Just Another Amazingly Beautiful Abandoned Church [Czech Republic]

If I had to choose one special thing about that trip it would be definitely lots of dogs that started barking loudely immediately after seeing someone entering the village. This is something that helps to imagine what kind of place was my travel destination—the settlement so small and remote, that its quadruped protectors treat as an intruder everyone whom they haven’t seen yet. Taking the above into consideration, as well as the fact that there should a good reason for visiting a random remote village in the Czech Republic, it’s easy to guess that something worth seeing is hidden there—the goal of the trip was a small but impressive abandoned church.

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After the Last Flight. Decaying Planes near the Airport [Serbia]

When there’s still some time before your flight, you have 2 options: spend it at the airport to make sure you are not late or explore the area around and see what is hidding there. When I was waiting for my flight home from Belgrade I chose the second one without any doubts.

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The Masterpiece of Weirdness. La Casa delle Favole [Italy]

The destination described in the this article is a kind of place that is very rare to find and at the same time sticks in mind for a long time. An abandoned house full of weird and even a bit creepy artworks is something that can easily force you to go to a small town Italy where it is situated just in order to enjoy its magic.

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Right from the Hell. A Demon in the Decaying Mausoleum [Poland]

Deep in the old and wild park in Poland is situated a decaying mausoleum which hides inside something that you sure wouldn’t like to find by accident late at night. A few metres high sculpture of the demon is greeting everyone who is curious to have a look inside the old building. Seeing this makes you wonder, how came that in the sacral place, where you would rather expect to see some sacral attributes, there’s the hellish creature instead?

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As If They Have Just Left. A Stunning Abandoned Hotel in the Mountains [Austria]

An abandoned hotel which is in better condition than many of those where you have ever stayed. An interior design so luxurious that it reminds rather a palace than a place to stay for holiday. That is probably the best way to describe a breathtaking hotel decaying in the mountains in Austria.

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