The Beauty of the Cracked Walls and Dusty Corners. Behind the Doors of the Old Abandoned Church [Czech Republic]

Six kilometres on foot made crossing the forest and middle of nowhere as most of the buses skirt a small village in the Czech Republic where the destination of the trip was situated. Nevertheless after reaching the final point the long way definitely paid off, no matter how time consuming it was. The reason of this journey was an old abandoned church located at the end of the dorp and its beautiful decaying interior.

The years of the abandonment of this temple could be found out after counting the number of cracks on its walls. It’s already been a long time since the last regular mass was held there, so as a result the interior of the church is covered with a thick layer of dust. All that taken together plus lots of cobwebs and some strongly bitten by decay details create an unforgettable atmosphere which is worth stopping by for a while and taking a few shots. Below are some of them.

For the beginning let’s have a look on the altar—taking into consideration how long the church is abandoned not sure if it still remembers the presence of a priest.

A closer look on probably the most important part of each temple. Despite the painting is gone the altar still has some charm.

Checking out what is hidden over the altar some quite photogenic mess can be found there.

A view on the entrance of the church which since many years has been closed for believers.

The interior seen through the eyes of the birds that sometimes confuse the broken stained glass windows with the blueness of the endless sky and by accident visit this temple.

A few beautiful details covered by dust that despite being the symbol of neglection gives them some extraordinary charm.

For the conclusion a few more photos of the decaying interior of the church taken before closing its old heavy doors. Who knows when the next visitor will knock on them.

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